LLC “Electromechanical Plant“ ETAL ”(LLC“ EMZ “ETAL”) is a leading enterprise for the production of electrical products, namely contact equipment, printed circuit boards and low-voltage complete devices. The quality and reliability of products is ensured by a modern technical base and adherence to technological discipline, as evidenced by the supply of products to the nuclear power industry, the oil and gas industry, metallurgy, etc. The design of projects for the reconstruction and automation of facilities in collaboration with design organizations is carried out by the design department of production management systems.

The company was founded in 1954. The historical name with which the enterprise passed its formation and became famous is the Alexandria Electromechanical Plant (AEMP). In February 1990 NPO AEMZ was renamed NPO ETAL, and on October 9, 2015 in LLC “Electromechanical Plant” ETAL “. Today, the association has a special design office, an accredited testing laboratory, and instrumental production. The range of products is constantly updated.